My entrepreneurial abilities


  1.  Hair cream that dries excess water in hair.
  2. Tinder but just for your college – called Uup? 
  3.  A pH strip type ring that tests for drugs in drinks.
  4.  Heated neck gaiter.
  5. Social Media network directly for college classes.

After taking the Entrepreneurial potential self-assessment by the Business Development Bank of Canada, I learned a lot about my ability as an entrepreneur statistically speaking. While my score was 153, below the average,  I do not think that this defines me as an individual within the business industry. I have previously learned about the concept of being born as an entrepreneur as opposed to developing it as a skill, and I firmly believe that entrepreneurship is developed. I feel that this concept relates directly to the idea of nature versus nurture, but as stated, these skills are learned. As we grow up, we learn from individuals and mentors around us about the way the world works, and how to find motivation within ourselves to strive for more. On the assessment, my motivation score was 58 as opposed to the average of 62, slightly below average. To me, motivation is one of the most important parts of being an entrepreneur. When I was looking at the definitions of these categories I realized that many of these categories are intertwined with each other. Just because I may not be as motivated when confronted with stressful situations, does not mean that  I don’t work my hardest with ideas and problems that I care about. 

As an individual who was born with anxiety, I have always struggled with mental blocks when seeking to find solutions for problems. I think that this has directly influenced my scoring and how I answered the questions on the assessment. Still, I think that my anxiety can prove to be very beneficial when working in an entrepreneurial mindset. Almost all of my scores were slightly below average, so with improvement and learning more about entrepreneurial concepts and ways of thinking, I believe that I can become a much more effective thinker and worker within the business industry.  Over time, I think that my growth and knowledge through college, and learning more about prospective industries, I will gain confidence and motivation to succeed to a greater level than I am capable of now. 

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