Introduction to Me


My name is Jack Slomin and I am currently a Freshman at Muhlenberg College. I have always been interested in the fashion industry, as it is one of society’s most basic yet complex forms of personal expression. In the past, I have used old clothing of mine, in addition to thrifted items, to create cut and sew designs. Beyond the creation of my own clothing, my passion for the outdoors has further provided an outlet to learn about sustainable clothing. Companies like The North Face, and Patagonia have sparked a large movement in environmental activism. While these efforts have been relatively new to the industry, they have not gone unnoticed. 

While I was working on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, many of my required merit badges involved the concept of sustainability. As I grew older and began to read fashion blogs more often, I realized how detrimental the production of clothing can be to the environment. I believe that our ever-growing society must recognize the environmental effects of such basic items in our lives. Clothing is typically one of those things that we take for granted and only perceive as a material good, rather than items that majorly impact the environment. For example, the production of a pair of cotton jeans requires an average of  2,108 gallons of water? (The Hidden Water in Everyday Products) While my background of the outdoors and interest in fashion provide me a basis of knowledge on clothing sustainability, I believe it is a necessary step towards a greener future. 

My blog will seek to provide a young individual’s perspective on sustainable clothing, especially from a generation that has gained momentum in environmental activism. Looking at technological and societal advancements in this industry, I hope to further my knowledge on the topic and contribute to my community’s understanding of the importance of the environmental effects of clothing production. 

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