Finding The Similarities in All Entrepreneurship

By reading the blog posts of my classmates, I was able to gain a new perspective on industries that I did not know much information about. Jared Mollica’s blog was about Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Throughout his blog, I noticed how as society grows, especially with the growth of technology, people want to know more and more information about celebrities and the entertainment industry. While reading his blog, I realized that the entertainment industry can somewhat exemplify many of the problems within society today. Underrepresentation of minorities, ceratin social topics are considered a major problem, and laws have come down hard on these topics, while others are completely overlooked. I found that the main similarity between my blog and Jared’s was that as people become increasingly socially conscious, there is an ever-growing demand for this conscientious market. Whether it is increased equality in blockbuster movies or equal pay for all textile manufacturing employees, society has taken a notice to underlying problems. 

I then read Hayley Canell’s blog on wearable technology. She spoke on the increasing demand for such products, as people care more about their health and the frequency of personal information received. I noticed that while our blogs covered different topics, they both were on the future of clothing to some degree. While my blog speaks on how to better make products that already exist, and do so in a more eco-friendly way, Hayley’s blog focused on the invention of new technology, and not necessarily the reinvention of current goods. The technology in Hayley’s blog is one to directly help society and people with their everyday tasks, while sustainable fashion is more oriented to the Earth and being conscious of the waste associated with clothing production.  

When comparing both of these blogs to my own, I realized that within all of these topics, people always want more. Whether it is information, celebrities, information about celebrities, or working towards a cleaner planet, there is an exponential curve of societies asks. It is hard to put into words but essentially, we are not content with what we have, and this reasoning allows companies to invent more and create different goods and products to appease people.

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