Abstract Expression in Sustainable fashion

In an effort to branch out from my typical media exposure during quarantine, I decided to watch an hour course on abstract art. My father has a passion for abstract art, so I thought I would expose myself to it, in an attempt to greater understand the significance he places in these pieces. 

The course provided a short explanation of the history and significance of abstract art movements throughout time. It was really interesting to see how art can be done without a necessary focus. It spoke on Jackson Pollock, and how he simply cleared his mind and at that point, was able to create works of art, by letting go. I then worked to create some abstract expressionist works on my own 8.5 x 11 paper. While my drawings did not necessarily denote anything, it did feel good to take my mind off the craziness of the world right now and just surrender myself to the movement of my hand. This really allowed me to slow down and appreciate that things don’t have to be perfect. 

I can find many similarities in the work of abstract art and that of the fashion industry and specifically the strive for sustainability. While we may be seeking a solution now, as long as we surrender our impulses to control everything around us, we can begin to move in the right direction. The fast-fashion market of on-demand clothing could certainly take notes, given that people feel the need to have specific things at that given moment. Jackson Pollock’s paint drippings took extremely long periods of time, and while they may not seem to make any sense, in the end, they are great works that took time and dedication to not giving up on his ideas. If we are to create a more conscientious textile industry, we must first allow ourselves to resist the impulse to find a specific solution or direction and work towards a goal without becoming defeatist.

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